Why the pros of buying bonuses?

Another advantage of activating this function. Now, with the Bonus Buy feature active, the RTP can increase to 96.50%, for example. This will lower the house edge to 3.5%, meaning that only 3.5 will remain in the machine. This example is the simplest to give you an insight into how RTP works (of course this […]

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Another advantage of activating this function.

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Now, with the Bonus Buy feature active, the RTP can increase to 96.50%, for example. This will lower the house edge to 3.5%, meaning that only 3.5 will remain in the machine. This example is the simplest to give you an insight into how RTP works (of course this is a very, very simplified example).

But because you want quick access to a bonus game where the payouts are huge, the maths can be quite different.

Let’s say you’ve invested 100USD so far, but with the Bonus Buy feature you can win 100,000USD. This means that with an increased RTP of 96.50%, you will get 96,500 for the 100 you bet!

Now this is a risk that many players are willing to take. Especially highrollers.

This brings us to another advantage of activating this feature.

If you are a high-roller, you don’t mind investing a lot on slots with high volatility, because highly volatile slots give huge payouts. In such slots, Bonus Buy is almost always an option.

It speeds up the game and allows players who play high stakes slots to get to huge wins faster.

Thanks to this feature, players quickly get to the bonus and jump straight to the most interesting and profitable part of the game, thus saving a lot of their precious time and, let’s not hide it ->frustration!!!

But we must also mention the entertainment value of this feature.

Of course, the bonus rounds are the most attractive part of the slot action. But triggering them can sometimes be quite difficult. Chasing a bonus round can be frustrating, overwhelming and even cause anxiety. Plus, it can cost you a lot more in the long run compared to the cost you would pay to activate the Bonus Buy feature.

And that’s why, to save yourself the trouble of wasting your precious time, money and health, sometimes activating this feature can be very helpful. When you see a slot with a reasonably priced Bonus Buy, and you know that you are very frustrated chasing the bonus, a better option would be to buy in the future to make your life easier.

Disadvantages of buying bonuses

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Now we can get back to the controversial part.

While many players, mostly high-rollers as supporters of the feature, claim that Bonus Buy is still an option and not a mandatory feature, and they have the freedom of choice to actually buy their way into the bonus instead of chasing it, critics claim that the feature is a nightmare for the addiction-prone and poorly-controlled online casino spending category of players, forcing them to spend far more than they can afford and in a very short period of time.

This is why the feature was eventually banned in some key markets, including the UK.

This is one of its major drawbacks, a fact and because of this it is banned in many jurisdictions.

As well as not being available in all jurisdictions, as mentioned, the feature can cost a lot. While a 50x to 100x rate is acceptable, there are slots where the feature costs 350x, 750x or even 2,000x.

This is where things start to get complicated. If the total win in the game is around 3,000x stake and you activate a feature that costs 2,000x stake, chances are you are risking a lot for nothing. In such cases, you need to count and make sure that you can gain at least twice the cost of the Bonus Buy feature to make the entire purchase worth the risk. If the game can offer a payout of 3,000x your stake and the Bonus Buy feature costs 50x, then this is something you might want to consider.

Now, this brings us to another problem.

We just gave an example of what the cost of the Bonus Buy feature would be reasonable. But does this feature guarantee huge winnings? No, it guarantees quick access to the bonus game.

Once you get into the bonus game, your chances of winning a huge amount will still depend on luck. Sure, some Bonus Buy features not only increase the RTP, but also add special symbols on the reels to further increase your chances of a huge win, but unfortunately not all of them. The truth is that this feature doesn’t guarantee big wins.

Let’s go back to our example, the one we found reasonable, where the Bonus Buy costs 50x and the slot offers a payout of 3,000x the stake. With the option active, you can reach 3,000x the stake, but not necessarily.

You may also win nothing or only win 20x the stake, something you weren’t counting on by activating the Bonus Buy. This is the reason why many players are disappointed and therefore rarely activate it.

But knowing all these pros and cons, at least you can make an account, you can consider the good and bad sides, check the slot, try it out even in demo mode before you decide to buy the Bonus Buy feature.

At the end of the day, it all depends on luck, but the Bonus Buy feature can increase your luck. So consider all the information you’ve learned today and decide if this is a feature that suits your style of online play.

If you are interested in seeing how it works in practice, we recommend one of the casinos below where you can test the Bonus Buy!

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